TITLU: DC-Waterfront Rehabilitation/ Copa Cagrana: A people centred approach
ECHIPA: Carmen Toma, Christian Voinescu
COORDONATOR: TU Wien, Staedtebau
PERIOADA: 7-18 martie 2011

We propose a human scale and human needs oriented design, focusing on social, environmental and aesthetic levels, all combined to generate a high quality open space that is to be embraced by DC-users, dwellers and Viennese.
We see place-making as a dynamic and continuous process. The landscape itself is on the move. Landscape is not static.

We believe that a high quality space is then achieved when future generations can still benefit of it. 
The AIM of our project: to actively involve the stakeholders in a decision-making process oriented on future sustainable high quality spaces.

“A tree is a long term investment” (Nico Vermeulen)
The environment where there are trees is far better than that where there are none. Trees not only release oxygen, moisture, but bring life, diversity and certain motion to a landscape. They do that trough growth, seasonal display, light-shadow effects.
The power of the example
Trees will be planted and taken care of by the companies present in the Donau City. Each will manage a sector from the forest, where the workers are invited for a relaxing picnic or workout. The forest becomes a new icon, a meeting place, and thus a community generator.

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